Marseille, France, October 14 2019 – Traxens, experts in providing high value data and services to the supply chain industry, today announces it has been shortlisted for the 2019 Trophée Or Normes in the ‘Promoting Trade’ category. AFNOR is the French Standardization Association, specialists in voluntary standards. This is the second year that its members have organized the Trophée Or Normes to reward, in this category, organizations that rely on voluntary standards in order to promote trading and exchange in their daily activities.


Traxens was shortlisted for leading the development of the first standards for smart container data exchange and for promoting their daily use. Those standards were released in early October by the UN/CEFACT (United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business). The specifications allow standardized international data exchange to facilitate the use of smart container data.


Although many smart containers are already in use, there were to date no global standards in place to capture and communicate consistently and multimodally the array of data they generate. Initiated in October 2017 under the leadership of Hanane Becha, innovation & standards senior manager at Traxens, the ‘Smart Containers BRS’ first set of standards aims to provide a semantic exchange system covering all data generated by smart containers and a notification structure. These new standards will be the basis for APIs (Application Programme Interface), enabling the integration of the technology in all aspects of the supply chain and providing powerful and innovative tools.


“We are very pleased to have been shortlisted for the AFNOR Trophée Or Normes, which recognizes our long-standing commitment to the standardization of data exchanges in the supply chain industry,” said Jacques Delort, managing director of Traxens. “With the increasing digitization of our industry, more than ever we need standards to ensure system interoperability in which all stakeholders can participate. Through the wider adoption of voluntary standards within our ecosystem, it will be possible to automate the supply chain and accelerate decision-making. Standardized data exchange provides all stakeholders with the necessary predictability and visibility on their shipments.”


Olivier Peyrat, CEO of AFNOR, said: “Sometimes, extraordinary adventures take place within companies. We are very happy that Traxens decided to share its adventure at the Trophées. Becoming involved in the governance of voluntary standards and then using these economic intelligence tools is always beneficial, not only for the organizations that engage in it, but also for the entire industry. Traxens and all the companies shortlisted for the Trophées understood this, especially when they compete at an international level.”


Beyond the UN/CEFACT Smart Container Project, Traxens also actively participates in various standardization bodies and is involved in the definition of ISO TC 104 and ISO TC 204 standards.



Traxens generates, collects, consolidates, enriches and transforms logistics asset data into an easily understandable format, enabling effective decision-making. The company’s breakthrough Internet-of-Big-Things technology provides comprehensive, real-time information for managing logistics assets anywhere in the world. Traxens’ solutions digitally transform multimodal supply chains, enabling customers to reduce costs, optimize investments, comply with environmental regulations and deliver premium services to their customers.