Marseille, France, March 14, 2019 – Traxens, a company providing high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, today announces that it has been shortlisted for the 2019 RailTech Innovation Award in the ‘RailFreight’ category at RailTech Europe, Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 26 – 28.


Traxens is also among the 15 nominated companies for the additional Railtech Innovation Public Awards, in which companies will be voted for by the general public.


Traxens received the nomination for its Digital Freight Train project, where the company co-operated with SNCF Logistics on real-time tracking of 5,000 rail wagons carrying traditional freight containers on their way from France to China equipped with Traxens’ smart container technology.


Traxens’ Internet-of-Big-Things solution is based on a patented, breakthrough technology that enables access to the most comprehensive, precise and timely data for managing assets in transit, anywhere in the world. This technology brings improved efficiency, improved security, greater transparency and enhanced asset utilization, while opening up new opportunities for all actors involved in the global supply chain.


“We are delighted that we have been selected as a nominee for this prestigious award,” said Florence Delalande, director of the rail business unit at Traxens. “This recognition shows us that the company is developing in the right direction and that digital transformation will be crucial for the future of the rail industry.”


The winners will be announced on March 26 at the RailTech Awards Dinner in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


About Traxens

Traxens generates, collects, consolidates, enriches and transforms logistics asset data into actionable insight. The company’s breakthrough Internet-of-Big-Things technology provides comprehensive, real-time information for managing logistics assets anywhere in the world. Traxens’ solutions digitally transform multi-modal supply chains, enabling customers to reduce costs, optimize investments, comply with environmental regulations and deliver premium services to their customers.