Marseille, France, July 4, 2019 – Traxens, a company providing high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, today announces that it is joining the French Smart Port in Med initiative as an associate partner. Traxens is the only IoT company supporting the association.


The project was officially launched in October 2018 as part of First Smart Port Challenges by the port authority of Marseille Fos, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Aix-Marseille University, with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of the Port of Marseille Fos. Key strategic objectives include the economic and environmental improvement of the port and its ecosystem, the creation of new job opportunities, the strengthening of the relationship between the port and the local community, and positioning the Port of Marseille Fos as an innovative digital port in the Mediterranean.


Traxens’ solutions have been developed to address key challenges in supply chains, including those faced by ports. Traxens supports ports in improving their operational efficiency with its patented IoT telematics system. This includes geotracking services for smart containers, wagons or trailers, as well as data offered on location, status and environment of logistics assets, among others.


“We are eager to create the port of the future in Marseille, which can bring numerous benefits to everyone,” said Jean-François Suhas, president of the Club de la Croisière Marseille Provence and elected member of the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and one of the founders of the French Smart Port in Med initiative. “We are delighted to welcome Traxens as a new partner in our initiative. We believe that the company is an ideal addition to the range of partners in pursuing our objectives of making port operations even more fluid.”


“We are excited to join such a promising initiative and to be part of the digital transformation of the port of Marseille,” said Jacques Delort, managing director of Traxens. “We can’t wait to start work improving the port’s efficiency and environmental credentials, among other ambitious projects.”



The French Smart Port in Med initiative was born from the will of the Port of Marseille Fos, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Aix-Marseille University to build the port of the future: an attractive, innovative port, tackling current and future challenges with a strategy focusing on digital and sustainable development. The French Smart Port in Med initiative confirms the maritime vocation of the Aix-Marseille-Provence region and makes it a testing ground for new uses, applications and devices. Improving the services offering makes Marseille Fos and its ecosystem stand out.



About Traxens

Traxens generates, collects, consolidates, enriches and transforms logistics asset data into actionable insight for its clients in the maritime, rail and supply chain industries.The company’s breakthrough Internet-of-Big-Things technology provides comprehensive, real-time information for managing logistics assets anywhere in the world. Traxens’ solutions digitally transform multi-modal supply chains, enabling customers to reduce costs, optimize investments, comply with environmental regulations and deliver premium services to their customers. Traxens’ IoT solution received the Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award in 2019.