Barcelona, Spain, February 21, 2018 – Noventure and Laboratorios Salvat, S.A. (Salvat), announce today that they have entered into an agreement in which Salvat will distribute Noventure’s nasal mucoprotection product in Spain and Portugal. The product contains a mucomimetic agent that forms a protective barrier over the nasal epithelial mucosa. This is the first in a series of agreements to partner this innovative product around the world.


The product is a Class I CE marked medical device based on the hemicellulose xyloglucan. It is specifically formulated to control and treat the symptoms of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis from different aetiologies, especially those of an allergic origin.1, 2


The product will be available as a solution for intranasal application with an anticipated launch in April 2018.


Rhinitis is an inflammatory disorder of the nasal mucosa, characterized by pruritus, sneezing, rhinorrea and nasal congestion. Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is the most prevalent and can affect social life, academic performance and work productivity. Loss of productivity, missed school and work days, and the direct costs associated with the treatment of allergic rhinitis create a substantial financial burden on society.3


According to the World Allergy Organisation (WAO) allergic rhinitis affects between 10 and 30 per cent of the global population, including approximately 40 per cent of children. Its prevalence is reportedly increasing.


Luciano Conde, CEO of Noventure said: “This product is a real innovation in the prevention and control of rhinitis. It will help to improve health and wellbeing of patients affected by rhinitis and rhinosinusitis of any origin across Spain and Portugal. We firmly believe that partnering with Salvat, whose commitment to people’s quality of life through products with high added value is well recognized, represents a great opportunity for Noventure to further disseminate its innovative barrier technology.”


Alberto Bueno, CEO of Salvat said: “Our activities are defined by constant research and development and strategic alliances with well-established international partners that offer us a further source of innovation. The launch of this medical device is a great opportunity for Salvat to reinforce its position in otorhinolaryngology and allergology in Spain and Portugal.


Salvat anticipates launching the product in April 2018.


Noventure’s business model is based on offering exclusive commercial rights for selected regions to its distribution partners. The product is being partnered by Noventure worldwide.


About Salvat

Laboratorios Salvat S.A. (Salvat) is an independent pharmaceutical company, established in Barcelona in 1955, today managed by the 3rd and 4th generation of the family. Salvat is focused on developing and commercializing innovative drugs. It is a world leader in otolaryngology. Its constant innovation in the field has allowed it to lead the Spanish market and to achieve constant growth in other regions. Cetraxal®, Otovel®, Tinnitan® and Saletego® are a few of the many specialty brands it has built, with an exclusive focus on otolaryngology. Today Salvat has 300 employees in Spain, three manufacturing plants in Barcelona, Madrid and Tamarac (Florida), two marketed products in the US and a broad international presence.

About Noventure

Noventure is a start-up enterprise, headquartered in Barcelona, specializing in licensing medical devices to partner companies. Noventure’s products are natural polymers based on a proprietary barrier technology that reinforces the epithelia, thereby restoring its functionality. Noventure’s areas of interest are gastrointestinal, paediatrics, uro-gynaecology, allergy and dermatology.

Noventure aims to build exclusive, long-term partnerships around the world; rooted in a shared understanding of the medical need and the marketing opportunity in each country, nurtured by close communication and teamwork. Currently Noventure has a network of partners and distributors that commercialize its products in more than 40 countries.



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The product is a Class I medical device and fulfils all requirements in regard to current European legislation.