Minasolve, Beuvry-La-Forêt, France, October 10, 2018 – Minasolve®, an affiliate of the Minafin Group producing bio-based ingredients for the cosmetics industry, today announces the release of A-LEEN® Aroma-3 and E-LEEN® Green A, two new universal personal care solutions offering natural antimicrobial protection over a large pH range.


A-LEEN Aroma-3 is a mild perfuming agent. E-LEEN Green A, a skin-moisturizer and skin conditioner, is among a fast-growing number of personal care ingredients using the multifunctional compound bio-based pentylene glycol. Minasolve markets this compound under the name Pentiol Green+™, an antimicrobial boosting agent that naturally protects cosmetic products. This key bio-based ingredient inhibits the growth of microbes in cosmetics and marks an innovative alternative to petrochemical-based preservatives that can be harsh and unfriendly to the skin and the environment.


Minasolve sees its new perfume agent A-LEEN Aroma-3 and skin moisturizer E-LEEN Green A with Pentiol Green+ as supporting the growing market for natural ingredients, while enabling a stronger sustainable approach to their sourcing and use in the production of cosmetics.


“Both A-LEEN® Aroma-3 and E-LEEN® Green A respond to consumer demands for safer, milder and nature-based cosmetics, free of fragrance allergens and harsh preservatives,” said Emmanuel Peulens, CEO at Minasolve. “Our ready-to-use solutions allow our customers to respond to market facing challenges in this environmentally responsible era.”


A-LEEN Aroma-3 is a mild perfuming agent and the first fully nature-derived version of phenylpropanol, a fragrance component that is part of the natural aromas in flowers and fruits. It brings a mild and pleasant scent to personal care products. A key advantage of this perfuming agent is its broad spectrum anti-microbial activity that helps protect a wide variety of cosmetic products against microbial degradation – even at high pH-levels.


A-Leen Aroma-3 is produced using Cassia essential oil, which is traditionally obtained by steam distillation from the leaves and branches of the Chinese cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum cassia).


E-Leen Green A is a mildly perfumed skin-moisturizer and skin conditioner. It is water-soluble up to 3%, thus ideal for clear, water-based products. It combines Pentiol Green+™ with the lipophilic phenylpropanol, which therefore remains predominantly in the water phase of emulsions. This contributes significantly to the broad antimicrobial effect of E-Leen® Green A. Its antimicrobial effect is achieved regardless of the pH value.


“E-Leen® Green A is probably the first solution for keeping natural cosmetics self-preserved at any pH level. This unique ingredient represents the synergistic combination of a humectant and a fragrance – both completely nature-derived,” said Markus Nahrwold, technical director at Minasolve.


Both fragrance agent and moisturizer are processed according to the principles of ‘green-chemistry’ and comply with COSMOS and Natrue industry standards.


Minasolve will exhibit its new products at the SEPAWA Congress, taking place in Berlin, October 10 – 12, at the Estrel Congress and Exhibition Center. It will be at booth #B348.


About Pentiol Green+™:

Pentiol Green+™, a biomass-derived pentylene glycol, is essentially derived from sugar cane waste. It is produced by US-based Pennakem, a Minafin Group company.


About Minasolve

Founded in 2007, Minasolve is a supplier of premium and innovative solutions for cosmetic applications based on green and sustainable production processes. The company combines its expertise in renewable resource chemicals with 10 years  of experience in the cosmetics industry. It focuses on multipurpose ingredients for self-preserved cosmetics. With head offices in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and a production facility in Beuvry-La-Forêt, France, Minasolve has strong synergies with other affiliates of the Minafin Group, mainly Pennakem and Minakem.



About Minafin

Founded in 2005, Minafin is a French private industrial company specialized in fine chemistry. It generated more than €180M in revenues in 2017 and employs 800+ employees. Its activities include industrial subcontracting, development of chemical syntheses and industrial scale up of custom-made processes as well as proprietary products with high added value for the pharmacy, cosmetic, agriculture and high-tech industries. The group has six manufacturing sites: two in the US, two in France, one in Germany and one in Belgium. Strong synergies exist between all affiliates of Minafin: Minasolve, Minakem, Pennakem, Pressure Chemicals and Minascent.