Grenoble, France, March 27, 2019 – Microlight3D, a specialty manufacturer of ultra hi-resolution 3D-microprinting systems for industrial and scientific applications, today announces it has won the award for Best French Startup from Forum Labo Paris 2019. Microlight3D is one of only two companies in the world to commercialize 3D printing systems based on two-photon polymerization, enabling researchers and industry developers to create objects at the submicron level in any geometric or organic shape.


The jury of experts at the Forum Labo Paris, a major biennial technical and scientific event attended by over 350 exhibitors and 8,500 visitors that brings together researchers and industry professionals working in public and private laboratories, selected Microlight3D in recognition of its new 3D printer Altraspin Lab. Altraspin Lab prints ultra-high-resolution micro-scaffolds and cell support structures onto multiwell plates.


Altraspin produces micro-parts with a resolution 100x smaller than a strand of hair for applications requiring exact precision and a flawless ultra-high-resolution finish. These include creating micro-optics and micro-sensors and printing shapes that fit inside microfluidic devices. It is also suited to metamaterials, cell culture, tissue engineering, microrobotics, micromechanics and surface structuration.


“It is an immense honor for Microlight3D to receive the French Startup award from Forum Labo Paris 2019 and to have been a finalist in the Instruments category. We thank the jury for our selection; we also congratulate the other winners and nominees,” said Denis Barbier, CEO of Microlight3D. “In offering 3D printing capabilities at the submicron level, we have focused on providing compatibility with the widest range of polymers – from plastics to biomaterial – and giving more freedom to designers when creating complex micro-parts. We are excited by the performance of our technology, its potential to bring future advantages to industry and the scientific community and the affordability it offers them.”


The awards ceremony, the 4th edition of which took place on Tuesday, March 26, honored companies with Innovation Awards in five distinct categories: Instruments, Equipment, Consumable/reagents/kits, Informatics and Services, plus theFrench Startup award. Microlight3D was among 17 finalists.


The submicron-resolution Altraspin achieves, as low as 0.2µm, is based on a two-photon polymerization direct laser writing method plus its proprietary ‘continuous print flow’ technique. This technique is not constrained by the conventional additive layer-by-layer approach that limits standard 3D printing resolution to 25µm. As a result of Microlight3D’s submicron resolution, it can print micro-parts so flawless that they do not require post-processing. Elimination of this step brings manufacturers advantages in both time and cost.


Since its founding in 2016 following 15 years’ research, Microlight3D has received other industry awards in recognition of its developments and the application of its technology: the Medinov 2017 award, grand prize ILAB 2018 winner, and its selection in 3D Oncochip (2017), a French government funded FUI (Fonds Unique Interminsteriel) project aimed at personalized cancer treatments.


About Microlight3D

Microlight3D is a specialty manufacturer of ultra-high-resolution 3D microprinting machines for industrial and scientific applications. It enables customers with new development needs to produce the most demanding precision micro parts with the smoothest surfaces. The company’s two-photon polymerization technology, which includes proprietary software tuned for increasingly faster direct laser writing speeds with sub-micron resolution, is compatible with the widest range of polymers and biological materials. Sold worldwide, Microlight3D’s microprinting machines produce ready-to-deploy 3D structures in any geometric or organic shape with a micro-fabrication resolution 100x smaller than a strand of hair. These micro parts are used in micro-optics, microfludics, micro-robotics, meta-materials and cell biology applications. Microlight3D was founded in 2016, following 15 years research and development of its 3D microprinting technology at Grenoble Alpes University (UGA). The company is located in Grenoble, France.