Strasbourg, France, and Ness Ziona, Israel, September 5, 2018 – Inoviem Scientific, a Contract Research Biotech (CRB), today announces a service-based partnership with XoNovo, a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a proprietary small molecule for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

The partnership aims to generate crucial information concerning XoNovo’s lead compound, XN001, a patented new chemical entity (NCE); an autophagy modulator for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. According to the agreement, Inoviem will apply its expertise and cutting-edge technological solutions to isolate and identify XN001’s therapeutic targets and elucidate its mode of action.

This partnership is in line with Inoviem’s long-term strategy, focused on broadening international connections, lowering risks in drug discovery and development projects, and supporting its partners in bringing promising therapeutics to the clinic with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives.

The synergy between the two companies will enable XoNovo to strengthen its pipeline/portfolio by validating XN001’s mode of action.

For Inoviem, this agreement is a service-based partnership. The company plans to continue such collaborations in the future. This ‘win-win’ agreement paves the way for the collaborative strategy that Inoviem Scientific is keen to develop.

“There is uncertainty in all drug development processes. We must think anew. The goal of our collaboration with XoNovo is to provide a therapeutic solution for patients with neurodegenerative diseases,” said Dr. Pierre Eftekhari, founder and president of Inoviem Scientific.

“We are excited to collaborate with Inoviem, and, through this partnership, accelerate our technology with the aim of curing neurodegenerative diseases using the exciting novel mechanism of autophagy enhancement,” said Dr. Ido Nevo, XoNovo’s CEO.


About XN001

XN001 is a first-in-class drug candidate, a synthetic small molecule derivative of a natural brain metabolite, Lanthionine Ketimine (LK). It augments the autophagy mechanism with therapeutic effects on the structure and function of neurons. XN001 is an orally-available brain-penetrating molecule that has shown initial efficacy in multiple animal model systems for neurodegenerative diseases, with a solid safety profile.

About XoNovo

XoNovo is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a proprietary small molecule for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases through autophagy modulation. XoNovo is financed by an international syndicate composed of the J&J Investment Corporation, Takeda Ventures Inc., OrbiMed Israel and the Israel Innovation Authority. XoNovo’s objective is to provide a first-in-class therapy for preventing the progressive loss of neuronal function across multiple neurodegenerative diseases.

About Inoviem Scientific

Inoviem Scientific is a Contract Research Biotech (CRB) that provides state-of-the-art expertise in drug-target interaction analysis, based on its cutting-edge label-free technologies PIMS® and NPOT®. Inoviem is the partner of choice in the pharmaceutical industry due to its expertise in target deconvolution, clinical mechanism of action elucidation, GPCRs and membranous protein identification, biomarker identification and patient stratification. The company has developed a strong proficiency in supporting its partners in identifying the therapeutic effect of their pharmacological agents by deciphering the native clinical agent’s interactome, in the physiological environment, directly from human samples. Inoviem has collaborators worldwide, including leading pharmaceutical companies. With its unique technological solutions and know-how, the company is proud to have helped young pharmaceutical companies identify their clinical molecule’s mode of action to support fundraising activities and move their promising therapeutics towards clinical trials.