Saint-Genis-l’Argentière, France, September 17, 2019 – Indicia Production, a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) specializing in the manufacture of ready-to-use microbiological media and sterile pharmaceutical ingredients, today announces the acquisition of Bio-Steril, a company that specializes in the formulation and Fill & Finish of medical devices for cosmetic and medical uses. The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.


This allows Indicia to extend its manufacturing capabilities and open new market areas, such as dermo-aesthetics, ophthalmology and rheumatology. It also means that Indicia can now provide a highly specialized manufacturing area dedicated to the filling of dermal filler in syringes.


Created in June 2004, Bio-Steril is a CMO specialized in the production of sterile medical devices and cosmetics liquids and gels. Based on customer’s either bulk or in-house formulated products, Bio-Steril produces sterile pre-filled syringes, vials and glassware. Manufacturing is achieved in clean rooms of ISO 7 and ISO 8 standards, while filling is done under ISO 5 conditions. A wide variety of final packaging is available. The company is certfied ISO13485.


“I am very happy with this new acquisition, which perfectly complements our current offer,” said Stephane Legastelois, chairman and CEO of Indicia Production. “Bio-Steril’s know-how will be very valuable to our customers.”


“Indicia Production is a well-known company and we are very pleased to join its ranks,” said René Trehorel, chairman of Bio-Steril. “We offer very specific know-how in sterilization and production of sterile medical devices which will enhance Indicia’s global offer.”


Indicia Production currently offers three product families:


  • Ready-to-use microbiological culture media for a client base; comprising distributors and industry providers of control tests for the pharmaceutical, food processing and cosmetics industries
  • Sterile excipient, raw materials and reagents for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Medical devices


As a recognized player in the field of OEM manufacturing of sterile ingredients, Indicia conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 13485 environments, both required for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical excipients and medical devices.


The consolidated company will operate with 85 employees. Its combined turnover for 2019 is estimated to reach €12.5M ($13.9M).


About Bio-Steril

Created in 2004 to serve the contract sterilization market, Bio-Steril has experienced continuous growth around its core business of sterilization, by offering a comprehensive range of services leading to the full production of sterile medical devices and cosmetic products. Bio-Steril is specialized in both liquid and gel filling in syringes and vials for the aesthetic and medical markets. Production is achieved under ISO 5 standards for formulation and filling and under ISO 7 or ISO 8 standards for other operations, quality control is ISO 13485 certified by the G-med organization.

Bio-Steril has 25 highly skilled employees. The 2019 turnover is expected to be more than €3M ($3.3M). (FR)


About Indicia Production

Indicia Production is a CMO specializing in the manufacture of ready-to-use culture media for microbiological control in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It offers a complete range of culture media, distributed in most European countries. Indicia has strong expertise in the formulation, filling and sterilization of the liquid products that it offers for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medtech industries.

Indicia Production is NF EN ISO 9001 and NF EN ISO 13485 certified for microbiological products and sterile liquid medical devices. It also meets the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice conditions for subcontracting activities in the pharmaceutical industry. Founded in 2008, Indicia Production has three industrial sites in Saint-Genis l’Argentière, near Lyon, Limoges and in Taden, near Dinan in Brittany. In 2018, Indicia Production generated a turnover of €8.4M ($9.3M).