Saint-Genis-l’Argentière, France, January 3, 2017 – Indicia Production, a company specialized in the manufacture of ready-to-use culture media and sterile liquid products, today announces the acquisition of METIS Biotechnologies, a company that develops, produces and markets rapid microbiological analysis solutions using flow cytometry. The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

METIS Biotechnologies’ analytical solutions can be automated from sampling to results rendering. They are applicable for the pharmaceutical, food processing and cosmetics industries. The instruments and reagents on offer allow companies to carry out in-situ analysis, such as on the sterility of UHT dairy products, fruit juices and other food products, also the detection of acidophilic and acid-resistant floras in fruit juices as well as bacteria, yeasts and molds in cosmetic products.

This acquisition enables Indicia Production to become a major player on the market by extending its current traditional microbiological media offering with the fast and tailored microbiological analysis technology using flow cytometry, developed by METIS Biotechnologies. This will allow the company’s customers in the agrifood and cosmetics industries to improve their reactivity in the control of production.

Indicia Production currently offers three product families:

  • Ready-to-use microbiological culture media environments for control laboratories for the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Sterile products and reagents for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Liquid medical devices

Ready-to-use culture media are used for microbiological diagnostics in food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products and for the environments in which they are made. They are made from high-quality raw materials. Their composition meets international quality standards. The ready-to-use culture media are subject to strict quality testing by approved microbiologists, this testing meets the ISO standards and requirements of the pharmacopoeia.

“We could not have found a better buyer than Indicia Production, a leader in custom production and high-quality ready-to-use microbiological culture media. The acquisition will allow us to offer a complete range of microbiological analysis to our customers,” said Bruno Vedrine, founder of METIS, now chief scientific officer at Indicia and director of the Limoges site. “This is a particularly exciting step for the future of METIS Biotechnologies as it will enable us to strengthen our sales force in France and abroad.”

“The integration of METIS Biotechnologies will strengthen Indicia’s presence on the industrial microbiological control market, in which we have been present since 2008. The technology developed by METIS is now fully operational and meets the needs of the industry,” said

Stéphane Legastelois, CEO of Indicia Production. “In addition, METIS’ know-how in custom solutions will complement our services. This acquisition is part of our strategy to develop through external growth, with a special focus on vertical integration in the field of industrial microbiology.”

Following the acquisition, the consolidated company will operate with 57 employees. Its turnover is estimated to reach €8 million ($8.35M) in 2017.


Founded 16 years ago, METIS Biotechnologies has grown from a service model to a manufacturing company. The company develops, manufactures and markets rapid microbiological analytical solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. These analytical solutions, which can be automated from sampling to results rendering, rely on the principle of flow cytometry.

METIS has introduced a new standard in rapid microbiological control. It offers tailored services and advice to big names in the food and cosmetics industry. Three words characterize METIS: performance, adaptability and reactivity. These characteristics give its customers greater control of their products whilst needing less time to produce results. It also offers microbiological analyses adapted to individual company constraints and industrial environment.

The first instruments and reagents marketed by the company make it possible to carry out in situ analyzes on the sterility of UHT dairy products, fruit juices and food products. The latest applications allow the detection of acidophilic and acid-resistant floras in fruit juices and the detection of bacteria, yeasts and molds in cosmetic products.

About Indicia Production

Indicia Production is a CMO specializing in the manufacture of ready-to-use culture media for microbiological control in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It offers a complete range of culture media, distributed in France and most other European countries. Indicia has expertise in the formulation, filling and sterilization of liquid products that it offers for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medtech industries.

Indicia Production is NF EN ISO 9001 and NF EN ISO 13485 certified for microbiological products and sterile liquid medical devices. It also meets the requirements of the Good Laboratory Practice conditions for subcontracting activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Founded in 2008 Indicia Production has two industrial sites in Saint-Genis l’Argentière, near Lyon, (Rhône, France) and Dinan (Côtes d’Armor)