Grenoble, France, November 5, 2019 – Imactis, a French medical device company specialized in computer-assisted interventional radiology, today announces that UW Health, the academic medical center and health system of the University of Wisconsin, is the first hospital in the United States to acquire its CT-NavigationTM system. The FDA approved medical device will be used during interventional oncology procedures under CT guidance. This new technology will enable UW Health to enhance its leadership in cancer treatment, by providing better accuracy in needle placement during radiology procedures, shortening treatment times and reducing exposure to radiation, potentially improving patient outcomes.


The Imactis CT-Navigation system consists of a navigation station with specific software and a dedicated instrumentation kit used during percutaneous interventional radiology procedures performed under Computed Tomography (CT). Common procedures include tumor ablations, biopsies, musculoskeletal interventions and other needle-based interventions.


Imactis’ solution gives the radiologist the possibility of exploring the patient’s anatomy and planning the optimal needle trajectory to avoid damage to surrounding organs. It also provides needle guidance and dynamic orientation control for better precision and faster execution, even during complex procedures. With CT-Navigation, radiologists have real-time treatment planning, offering 50% improved target accuracy with up to a 63% reduction in radiation exposure[1] and an overall reduced procedure time[2]. Furthermore, the system requires minimal set-up time and involves a short learning curve.


“We are very excited to add this technology to our practice. It will allow our team to better target and treat lesions for ablations, biopsies and many other image-guided interventional procedures. This is yet another tool we have that will improve patient care and treatment outcomes while decreasing radiation dose to the operator,” said Dr. Fred Lee, professor of radiology and chief of abdominal intervention at the University of Wisconsin Department of Radiology.


“We are pleased to work hand-in-hand with UW Health in Madison to introduce this technology to the United States,”, said Georges Tabary, CEO of Imactis. “We are passionate about finding solutions that contribute to improving clinical outcomes. We believe in the power of innovation for the benefit of physicians, caregivers and patients.”


The CT Navigation system is CE marked and received FDA authorization in 2018. It has been installed in 50 hospitals in Europe and has already performed more than 6,000 interventions.


About Imactis

Imactis is a French medical device company specialized in computer-assisted interventional radiology. It strives to develop and market innovative user-friendly solutions for use during minimally invasive radiographic needle procedures. Founded in 2009, Imactis is based in Grenoble, in the French Alps.

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