Evreux, France and Montreal, Canada, September 1st, 2016 – CiToxLAB, a leading CRO in the field of non-clinical research, announces that Alan Bartlett has joined the company as Senior Director, Global Laboratory Operations, bringing with him 30 years’ experience in the development and implementation of laboratory support in preclinical and clinical research.

In the current revitalized market, after exceptionally good growth in 2015 for the CiToxLAB Group (+31%, with a revenue of €88.7 million – $99m), the appointment of Alan as head of laboratory operations will reinforce this by achieving the projected new strategic objectives. These include the development of operational performance and excellence, the improvement of quality, the harmonization of laboratory activities across all sites in the Group and the implementation of new innovative services. Alan will be based at the Laval site in North America. In addition to his global responsibilities he will manage the bioanalysis, analytical chemistry and immunology laboratories. Alan will also partner with the commercial and marketing teams to enhance the attractiveness of CiToxLAB service offerings.

“I am very pleased that Alan Bartlett has joined CiToxLAB to take up this strategic position. With his experience and ability in leading structural development strategy projects, Alan’s presence in the top management team will help CiToxLAB reinforce its commitments and corporate values: close collaboration with clients and excellent operational services,” said Jean-François Le Bigot, president and CEO of the CiToxLAB Group.

Alan Bartlett began his career at the UK-based CRO, SafePharm Laboratories Limited, where he managed analytical chemistry services for 12 years, before moving on to CTBR/Charles River Laboratories (CRL), in Montreal, where he has spent the last 18 years, ultimately holding the position of executive director, laboratory sciences, for the company’s four sites across North America, including the analytical chemistry, bioanalysis, immunochemistry, immunology, DMPK, genetic toxicology and formulations departments. Alan’s significant achievements at CTBR/CRL include developing and implementing the strategies for innovative new services, growth in the Montreal Laboratory Sciences division and the harmonization of best practice, quality and efficiency across all the sites.

CiToxLAB has continued to invest significantly in the development of new platforms and expertise to meet the growing requirements of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These include areas such as immunophenotyping by flow cytometry, protein and peptide analysis by multiplexing techniques, immunohistochemistry, genomics and, more recently, in vitro electrophysiology.

“In the long-run, we aim to offer most of our biomarker services not only in Europe, at the Evreux and Saint-Nazaire (Atlanbio) sites, but also at the Montreal site for our North American customers. We are confident that Alan has the scientific and organizational skills to accomplish this strategic development,” added Le Bigot.

About CiToxLAB

With five facilities located in France (Evreux, Saint-Nazaire), Canada (Montreal), Denmark (Copenhagen) and Hungary (Veszprem), the CiToxLAB Group offers a comprehensive range of preclinical services to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical companies worldwide. CiToxLAB carries out studies in general and reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity, immunology, safety pharmacology, DMPK and bioanalysis. The Group has unique expertise in areas such as toxicology and reprotoxicology in NHPs and minipigs, inhalation toxicology, radiation studies and environmental studies (ecotoxicology and those related to REACH regulations). Through Atlanbio (Saint-Nazaire, France), CiToxLAB offers extensive preclinical and clinical bioanalysis and biomarker services. A partnership with Stemina (Madison, USA) allows the Group to also offer screening services using human embryonic stem cell models. Created in 2011 through the merger of CIT and LAB-Research, CiToxLAB has more than 900 employees working at five sites representing 60,000 sq meters of state-of-the-art facilities. The company has a world-class top-level management team in scientific, financial and business activities.