Romainville, France, December 14, 2016 – Biocitech, the city complex for healthcare and biotechnology companies located at the edge of Paris, announces today the arrival of Nexdot, a start-up that produces fluorescent nanoplatelets. The company, which has just raised €3.5M ($3.7M) in capital, has leased a 275 m2 space for its team of eleven people. The team is set to double by the end of 2017. The opening of Nexdot’s headquarters took place today in the presence of guests from the world of academia and politics such as Claude Bartolone, President of France’s Assemblée nationale. The arrival of this new resident confirms the attractiveness of the Biocitech bioparc’s ecosystem to companies wanting to establish themselves in the Île-de-France region. It also reflects the new strategic direction being pursued by the CDC.

Founded in 2010 and incubated at ESPCI Paris, Nexdot is the world-first in the synthesis of colloidal core-shell nanoparticles. The range of applications is diverse: screens, healthcare, augmented reality, infrared detection and LED lighting. “Nanoplatelets are a new generation of ‘quantum dots’; semiconductor nanocrystals measuring less than 10 nanometers. The thickness of these nanoplatelets can be controlled with atomic precision,” said Benoît Dubertret, Nexdot founder and scientific expert. The manufacturing process and applications of nanoplatelets are protected by 46 international patents. With the funds raised, Nexdot intends to double its workforce by the end of December 2017, before expanding to 40 employees by the end of 2019. The company will be purchasing new equipment with the aim of launching its new materials on the market by 2018.

“After two years of refurbishment and modernization projects in the bioparc, this arrival confirms the new momentum at Biocitech,” said Hammou Allali, director of housing, real estate investment and tourism at the CDC’s investments and local development department, and Biocitech’s chairman. “The arrival of innovative residents with great potential in Romainville is a strong signal that justifies the continuation of the CDC investment program. Over the coming years, the land held in reserve by Biocitech Immobilier will allow the site to be further developed and established firms to move in. Seven new residents have arrived since mid-2015. Our objective is to accommodate new technology firms looking for spaces between 500m² and 1000m².”

“I am delighted to welcome Nexdot, a leading company that perfectly shows the growing cross-over of various disciplines such as quantum technology, chemistry and biology,” said Jean-François Boussard, head of sales for Biocitech’s real estate portfolio. “The arrival at Biocitech of this winner of the 2014 global competition ‘Innovation 2030’ and key stakeholder in a fast-expanding sector demonstrates the attractiveness of the services and the favorable ecosystem we offer to our residents (Seine-Saint-Denis, Medicen Paris Region, Cap Digital, Systematic, etc.). We are one of the only bioparcs in Île-de-France that has been able to continually adapt to the needs of companies in terms of space and equipment throughout their entrepreneurial development. It is now clear that Biocitech is one of the three major players providing real estate to health and biotechnology companies in Île-de-France. It is adding to the range of sectors it covers with technological innovations derived from the current ecosystem.”

“Following a thorough investigation into the various options in Île-de-France, we chose Biocitech, the only site that was able to offer us a substantial amount of space that was both modular and perfectly suited to our activities in the field of chemistry. With our team moving into this stimulating environment and the capital we recently raised, we will be able to develop even faster; for example, we intend to purchase new, state-of-the-art equipment for the production of quantum dots.” said Maurice Guillou, president of Nexdot.

About Biocitech

Biocitech is a city complex for healthcare and biotechnology companies. Located at the edge of Paris, Biocitech fosters business innovation and growth (plug&grow). It provides a complete range of services to residents from inception through to business maturity (plug&live).

Biocitech’s package includes real estate, scientific, technical and communal services that support entrepreneurial development. Biocitech is ICPE certified (Equipment Certified to Protect the Environment). It provides entrepreneurs with secure premises of a high technological standard.

Biocitech generates strong synergies and numerous collaborations for resident firms that are at the forefront of innovation. Biocitech is a key element in the Medicen Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub for health and new therapies. It belongs to the Cap Digital and Systematic clusters. / Twitter / LinkedIn