Bordeaux, France, January 12, 2017 – ALPHA-RLH (Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences®), a newly merged technology cluster specializing in photonics, microwave and digital technologies, today announces that it will host the innovations of several of its cluster members, as well as unveil new products, at Photonics West, taking place in San Francisco, January 27 to February 2. Photonics West is a world-leading photonics and laser event that welcomes more than 1,250 exhibiting companies every year.

A key ALPHA-RLH objective is to help cluster members drive exports and growth. It views the US as an important and attractive market for photonics technologies, a significant emerging field with headline developments. These include IBM’s work in silicon photonics aimed at speeding up data transfer rates needed to keep pace with increasing demands in computing power for big data and cloud services. It also includes the Obama administration’s BRAIN initiative that is funding neuroscience projects deploying optical techniques.

“The global photonics community meets at Photonics West. ALPHA-RLH and its members are excited about showing market players some of the most far-reaching advances in photonics that are poised to make a huge impact on applications for computing, smart manufacturing, IoT, agriculture, medical devices and others fields,” Hervé Floch, general director of ALPHA-RLH. “We aim to tap into the many opportunities that this major photonics event – which attracts big industry names – offers in order to exchange knowledge and strengthen business ties.”

Exhibitor highlights
Newly founded start-up Neta, a developer of innovative imaging solutions, will make its debut at Photonics West. It will unveil JAX-M1, a photoacoustic microscope. This produces high-resolution images at nanoscale that offers new advantages for metrological or biomedical imaging applications, such as increasing our understanding of the progression of degenerative diseases or cancer.

Kylia, specialists in the ultra-precise assembly of optical elements on glass breadboards using 6D positioning, and Irisiome Solutions, a developer and manufacturer of innovative laser systems with electronically generated pulses, will also be first-time exhibitors at the event.

Irisiome Solutions will display at booth #1723 a new compact fiber laser from its SID series aimed at offering a picosecond solution for bio-imaging applications. This system allows pulses to be set at any repetition rate from 80 MHz to 1.2 GHz, offering users the flexibility and benefit of changing repetition rates.

ALPhANOV, a PRISM award 2017 finalist in the sensor and detector category, will show GoSpectro, a device that turns a smartphone into a light spectrometer. It makes it easier to inspect and authenticate gems, water quality (pollution detection), food quality (color measurement, allergen detection) and other anti-counterfeit applications. ALPhANov will also launch the PowerPAC connector, a highly accurate connector for single-mode hollow-core fibers that includes a collimator, which can withstand more than 100 Watts of injected power.

Spark Lasers will unveil DIADEM, a new ultrafast ultra-compact all-fiber laser for micromachining applications needing femtosecond quality. It will also display ALTAIR, a compact femtosecond laser for biophotonics and neuroscience applications.

ISP System will display an MD-AME deformable mirror for performing the wave front shaping of laser beams. It is adapted for intense laser, THz and IR applications. ISP System’s deformable mirror overcomes the shortcomings of piezoelectric deformable mirrors by offering a more accurate injection of strength network on thin reflective surface. An electric actuator driven by stepper motors generates the product’s strength.

First Light Imaging (FLI) will showcase C-RED 2, its recently launched very high speed, low-noise InGaAs SWIR camera. C-RED 2 offers breakthrough frame rate, up to 400 images per second full frame, while being ultrasensitive.

Other Alpha-RLH cluster members attending are: Femto Easy, a producer of robust and reliable measurement devices for ultrafast lasers, and Azur Light Systems, a global manufacturer of intense single-frequency fiber lasers and high-power PM Fiber amplifiers from almost any wavelengths from 975 to 980nm and 1010 to 1095nm in IR, which will exhibit at booth #1723-G.

About ALPHA-RLH– Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences

ALPHA-RLH (Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquencesâ) is a newly formed technology cluster specializing in photonics, lasers, microwave and digital technologies. It is the result of a merger between two French competitiveness clusters, Route des Lasers (Bordeaux) and Elopsys (Limoges), both located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, a dynamic industrial area with one of Europe’s highest concentrations of scientific expertise in photonics. As a priority, the cluster focuses on technologies and applications that are of strategic importance for national defense. These include the Laser Megajoule (LMJ), one of the two largest ever laser facilities in the world, and the Petawatt Aquitaine Laser (PETAL). It covers microwave communication, detection, navigation and localization, as well as other emerging technologies for digital healthcare, medical devices, renewable energy, smart buildings, embedded systems, aerospace, automotive clean tech and telecommunications etc. ALPHA-RLH currently has 250 members and has an operational budget of €2 million ($2.1M).