Bordeaux and Limoges, France, May 29, 2018ALPHA – Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences®, a technology cluster specializing in photonics, microwave and digital technologies, today announces it will bring six cluster members to the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2018, taking place on June 10 – 15, in Philadelphia (PA). Several cluster members will present technical papers. Members will also display a selection of advanced technologies that underpin the development of components, sub-systems and systems, which will become the basis of mainstay products for radar, telecommunications, defense, space and instrumentation.

This is the first time that ALPHA-RLH will attend IMS, which this year highlights the contributions of radio-frequency (RF), microwave (MW) and millimeter-wave research, development and products to the fields of medicine (diagnosis and treatment), telecommunications (5G, Internet-of-Space) and the Internet-of-Things. The cluster supports collaborative innovation projects to increase member activity in these areas.

ALPHA-RLH and cluster members Ikalogic, Inoveos, Cisteme, AirMems and XLIM will be present at booth #2051. AMCAD Engineering will exhibit at booth #1231.


New product, live demo and technical presentations

AMCAD Engineering, a leading provider of measurement and modeling solutions for RF and MW circuits and system design, will release its VISION software platform, a comprehensive methodology to extract a complete and accurate model that takes into account all observed phenomena. VISION helps overcome the challenges of RF systems that are designed to operate with wideband-modulated signals, such as 5G and RADAR, or with a large number of circuits, such as active antennas. A live demo of VISION is planned in addition to IVCAD and IQSTAR demos.

AMCAD will also present three technical papers:

  • Track/Title: ‘We2D-2: Investigation of Fast and Slow Charge Trapping Mechanisms of GaN/AlGaN HEMTs Through Pulsed I-V Measurements and the Associated New Trap Model’

Date/time: Wednesday, June 13 at 10:10 to 10:30am

Location: 202AB

  • Title: ‘A Robust and Reliable Behavioral Model of High Power GaN HEMTS for RF Doherty Amplifier Application’

Date/Time: Friday, June 15 at 11:20 – 11:40am

Location: ARFTG conference, Loews Philadelphia hotel

  • Title: ‘Wideband Test Bench Dedicated to Behavioral Modeling of Non Linear RF Blocks with Frequency Transposition and Memory’

Date/Time: Friday, June 15 at 11:40am – 12:00pm

Location: ARFTG conference, Loews Philadelphia hotel


Innovations on display

Ikalogic, a specialist in test and measurement devices for embedded system diagnostics and debugging, will exhibit IkaScope, the world’s first Wi-Fi connected oscilloscope probe. IkaScope is designed for quick and easy analog measurements. It offers a new dimension in ergonomics and overall end-user experience. Ikalogic, which enables electronics engineers to work more effectively on the peripheral circuits of microwave systems (microcontrollers, FPGAs and serial communication between integrated circuits), will also display its latest logic analyzers offering in-depth digital signal analysis.

Inoveos, a developer and manufacturer of passive microwave components and systems for military and commercial radar and telecommunications applications, will exhibit isolators and circulators with unique dual-band and bi-directional capabilities.

Inoveos will also present a technical paper in conjunction with XLIM that demonstrates an ultra-high-bandwidth Y-junction circulator using the ‘continuous tracking’ operation:

  • Track/Title: ‘We2E-4: Complete Methodology of Low-Loss Ultra-Wideband Junction Circulator ’

Date/time: Wednesday, June 13 at 11:00 – 11:20am

Location: 203AB

AirMems, a designer and manufacturer of switches based on a breakthrough RF MEMS technology for defense, space and telecommunications applications, is attending IMS to engage with potential customers about the complexity of the future RF electronic systems and how to meet zero power consumption requirements. A space innovation award winner, AirMems’ switches have successfully been in orbit for the last four years.

Cisteme, a high-technology transfer center, works in collaboration with the XLIM laboratory at the University of Limoges. At IMS, Cisteme is proposing R&D services for microwave/RF component and system design as well as wireless applications (IoT, 5G). The center is active in antenna systems, wireless networks, autonomous and communicating sensor networks (IoT-related), ultra-wide band communicating systems, filtering, amplifier design and optimization, wireless propagation, RF front-end design, electromagnetic characterization of materials and electromagnetic compatibility.

XLIM, the largest microwave and RF research laboratory in France, is a multidisciplinary research institute of CNRS (French National Research Center). It has expertise in high power RF non-linear device modeling and characterization, active and passive microwave circuits, additive manufacturing technologies for microwave and millimeter wave, MEMs and tunable passive devices, CEM, antennas and phase array antenna systems. XLIM maintains strong links with industry via six joint laboratories working on innovation programs. It is active in international conferences.


ALPHA-RLH, a French competitiveness cluster for laser and microwave technologies, specializes in partnering with companies and laboratories to set up, evaluate and fund innovative projects. ALPHA-RLH currently has 253 members who are active in two key strategic fields of activity: photonics-lasers (laser sources and procedures, optical components, instrumentation) and microwave-electronics (integrated circuits, radiocommunication systems, radar systems). These two areas of activity are conducted with the support of digital tools (digital solutions and the factory of the future cross-disciplinary field of activity). Both promote collaborative innovation to increase member activity in four markets: healthcare (medical devices and autonomy), communications and security, aeronautics, space and defense, energy and smart buildings.