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    19 Nov 2015

    BCI-Pharma, Genepep and Oxeltis bring new nucleopeptide libraries to market

    17 Nov 2015

    Vygon Group launches Neohelp medical device to prevent hypothermia in newborns

    16 Nov 2015

    Ovizio raises EUR8M ($9.1M) with US and Belgian investors

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    ALA is an international public relations consulting group for leading edge companies and organizations involved in a wide range of emerging technologies.

    ALA is expert in technical, business, financial, trade and scientific communication. We focus on helping our clients overcome the barriers that impede understanding of their true value, and on promoting their key strengths to achieve business growth.

    ALA targets press, analysts and other influencers who can make a difference between success and failure for our clients. And we devote time and effort to finding out and explaining what makes our clients special.

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